our programs

Primary School program:

In collaboration with the District officials, children from the poorest families are identified and selected. Even though some public primary schools are free in Rwanda, the cost of school uniforms, lunch and school materials can be prohibitive for some families to send their children to school. Trust and Care ensures that the children selected get school uniforms, books and materials. In addition, Trust and Care ensures that these children’s families are registered to receive public health insurance (Mutuelle de Santé) to ensure that they can get medical support when needed.

Secondary School program:

In Rwanda, the first nine years of education are free in the public day schools. The cycle of secondary education is split between three years of junior secondary school, which is included in the cycle of mandatory education in Rwanda, and another non-mandatory three years of senior secondary school. For children wishing to continue to study, or to attend boarding school, fees and maintenance costs can be prohibitive, leading them to abandon their studies.  Trust and Care believes that providing sponsorship to high performing students to finish their secondary education is a very powerful way to ensure that they have better prospects for the future.Trust and Care works with the districts to identify underprivileged youth with high levels of motivation and potential. These students get enrolled in high performing boarding schools and“schools of excellence” where their school fees, board and lodging is paid for.Trust and Care is currently sponsoring 750 students in 2019 academic year (50 in primary and 700 in secondary schools) who are distributed in more than 70 schools. Trust and Care’s philosophy is to provide continued support for students and on average provides 4 years of sponsorship per student. The staff of Trust and Care is assisted by 30 field staff (volunteers) to ensure good communication between schools, parents, and caretakers to make sure that children remain motivated and on track to continue getting sponsorship and support. Trust and Care pays the fees directly to the schools. For the distribution of all the school materials, bedding, toiletries for a year, Trust and Care has a large campaign at the beginning of each academic year.

University and income generating programs:

For those students wishing to go to university, fees are a prohibitive factor. Although the government does provide student loans, very few students are able to get them, leaving many students with no choice but to abandon their dreams of further education. For this reason, Trust and Care set up a loans program for students. These loans are structured similarly to government loans where students pay back their loans only once they complete their studies and find employment. Trust and Care has also started an income generating projects where students can work and develop their skills while they are looking for employment and generate income that goes towards paying down their student loans